Pension Work Center

An online suite of innovative plan management and administration tools

Qualified Retirement Plan Consulting and Administration Services

Mission Statement:
Pension Works intends to provide the highest level of comprehensive personal services, meticulous attention to detail and timely dedication to the long-term needs of our client sponsors and their plan participants.

Our Team:
The two principal partners of Pension Works have more than seventy years of combined pension experience working with plan sponsors of all sizes. Each of our seven administrative consultants is a true pension veteran, with between 5 and 26 years of plan retirement plan know-how. Our administrative technicians provide expert data handling, trust accounting, plan distribution and contribution processing support. Each employee is an owner of Pension Works, bringing the client care and allegiance that only an equity stake in our services can produce. In an industry fraught with high turnover, Pension Works has maintained a dedicated, long term staff.

Our Service:
PWI has embraced the advent of technology with the purpose of passing processing efficiencies and cost savings directly to our clients. Our model has developed into a streamlined system which optimizes time and energy, bringing the information you need to your fingertips, at the pace you demand. Through our web site, you have already seen a small portion of our system at work! Our web based Pension Work Center allows us to securely receive and deliver all the information needed to provide your plan with timely accurate service.

Our Work:
We are a total administrative resource for your qualified plan. Despite a changeable legislative environment, tax qualified retirement plans remain the dynamic and powerful tool for employers of all sizes to maximize the advantages of tax deferred contributions and income. It has become a truism that the Internal Revenue Code is a formidable creature; and that grappling with it requires high order technical skills. That is our work. We provide a total framework and a detailed blue print to construct and run your plan from A to Z. This includes a comprehensive design process where we structure a plan to maximize the tax and compensation delivery advantages for your company. We provide all the documents and expertise needed to install your plan or to resurrect an existing plan. We supply day-to-day administrative support answering questions and solving problems. We perform the compliance testing at the end of the plan year to ensure that your plan remains within regulated tolerances. We prepare and file the annual government forms required under the law. We work with other service providers to ensure that your retirement program operates in concert with other employee benefits. When you and your staff are in the trenches and require support, you need the comfort and assurance that your consultants are at your side, armed with the skill and resources to get the job done right. Rest assured that you have found the right allies…

Welcome to Pension Works, Inc. Let’s get busy!