Pension Work Center

An online suite of innovative plan management and administration tools

About Pension Works

Born in 1999 as a merger of two well established third party pension firms, Pension Works is Vermont’s oldest and largest employee owned third party administration firm.  We sell no products, insuring an unbiased, independent approach to your plan.  Our clients range from the multinational corporation to small family owned businesses.

If there is a better way, our employee owners will find it!  We have embraced the web revolution and introduced a “paperless office portal”.  Designed to provide rapid response to servicing, this tool provides instant access to plan documents, census, annual reports, government filings, distribution processing, client survey and feedback, ancillary industry information and current event “hot items”.  

The core of Pension Works is our employees.  These company owners are creative and expert.  Each client is served by a team of individuals, dedicated to that plan sponsor’s needs.  The team is headed by an experienced consultant, individually responsible for all aspects of that plan’s operation.   No work leaves the office without a quality control group performing peer review.   Employees are nurtured through in-house training and mentoring programs.  Continuing education through industry sponsored programs round out our efforts to continually upgrade knowledge and process.